AW 2003-04

This was the first time we made a film to show our collection. Our friends supported the entire project, from the casting and models to the film director and sound designer. Even the house that we used for the location is owned by one of our friends. It was really a labor of love.

The only two criteria every cast member had to meet were they had to have dark hair and the ability to ride a horse. We used my favorite car, which is an old station wagon with wooden paneling on the sides. I’ve loved this car since seeing it in a movie where throughout the film, every time the lead girl stepped into the car, her dress would always be hanging outside the door. I thought it was funny and wanted this in our movie too. However, our lead had never driven a car before. We had to teach her how to drive in an open field. With the rough terrain, she was very nervous and had to concentrate. Driving the car proved difficult enough so we thought it was best to focus on that and forget about the dress getting caught in the frame of the door.

afvandevorst 2003-04 afvandevorst 2003-04